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Bombsite Boys at Jimmie's Seaside.
Pics below by Becky Lai.

Playing out to the masses! Brian plays while Jeff makes a face at him. Brian starting to play downwards. Brian & Jeff.. again?
Striking a Stance. Hey Nice Boy!! EEERRRR!!! Donn killing 2 birds with one stone. Just get it out Donny!!
Jeff creating evil by his looks!! . Red Eye Red Eye is the name!! Brian must have did something that Jeff found funny!! . Got it covered yet?
 Who turned out the lights? Is that my brain over there? And this one time ... Cooking it up!!

Bombsite Boys at Trash American Style.
Pics below by  Dan Nelson.

Being thoughtful at Trash We may be old, but hey, it's ROCK & ROLL!!

Click to enlarge.

Thank you people for the photos!!